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Bit China 2019上海国际生化展安科生物完美收官

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【导读】2019年9月24日-26日,安科生物制品(上海)有限公司参展在上海浦东新国际博览中心举办的Bit China 2019 上海国际生化仪器、实验室及试剂耗材展。

  Bit China 2019 Shanghai International Biochemical Instruments, Laboratories and Reagents Consumables Exhibition

  2019年9月24日-26日,安科生物制品(上海)有限公司参展在上海浦东新国际博览中心举办的Bit China 2019 上海国际生化仪器、实验室及试剂耗材展。

  From September 24 to 26, 2019, ELMEX (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. participated in the Bit China 2019 Shanghai International Biochemical Instruments, Laboratories and Reagents Consumables Exhibition held at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center(SNIEC).



  As a professional manufacturer of microbiological testing reagent consumables, our products on display are welcomed by our customers. Especially the top product – swab sampler, compared with the ordinary swab, ELMEX’s swab has multiple advantages. The swab handle is made of PP plastic, which will not produce free fatty acid which inhibits the growth of bacteria like the wooden handle, thus causing the deviation of the test results; instead of cotton, the swab head uses non-woven fabrics, effectively solving the problem that cotton is easy to peel off and drop debris, and smearing the sample is more uniform. In terms of product design, the tail of ELMEX swab is designed with a lifting cover, and the sample can be dripped onto the culture medium or DNP paper culture medium without the need of pipette gun, test tube, tweezers and other tools for culture detection. It can also be used with our liquid color medium SSP for rapid qualitative detection of E. coli flora and E. coli.




  In addition, our DNP culture medium plate, blender bags, diluents and other products are consulted by many audiences because of their excellent performance and reliable quality.



  Through exchanges with new and old customers, we have a deeper understanding of the domestic microbial industry and market demand. Only by constantly understanding of the market and the customer needs, can we create a product that meets the needs of different classes of customers. In addition, ELMEX's excellent product quality, timely after-sales, technology and innovative ideas, we can better serve customers at all levels at domestic and abroad to meet the growing market demand!

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